2019 Bridal Trends & Tips

Can you believe we are already through the first month of 2019?! Since we are in the midst of Engagement Season, I thought it would be fun chat about some of the trends I'm already seeing in the bridal industry this year and how brides are doing things differently from previous years. If you read to the end, I've also included some wedding prep tips that will help with your beauty routine for the big day!

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So what's trending for 2019 you ask?

On-location hair & makeup services instead having it done in the salon.

Brides are wanting more convenience nowadays, especially when it comes to the day of their nuptials. The morning of the big day can be so crazy! Picture this: everyone has to make sure they have all of their stuff together and that nobody forgot anything. Then the bride, bridesmaids & moms all have to get to the salon on time. Then, after hair and makeup, rush back to where they're getting ready to put dresses/shoes/accessories on. THEN fly out the door to make it to the church or ceremony venue on time! WHEW! That's a lot to do right out of the gate!

Instead, brides are opting to have their beauty squad come to them so that there's not a bunch of running around and chaos first thing in the morning. Believe me, that can set the tone for the whole day!

I've traveled to do on-site weddings in hotel rooms, homes, Air BnBs, ceremony venues... you name it. What I can tell you is, the bride & her bridal party always seem to be more relaxed when they are in their own environment. It's a great option to have so that YOU get to decide what's going to work best for your timeline & your bride tribe!

bride & bridesmiads

Speaking of hair & makeup, another thing that's trending for 2019 is the modern minimalist style. Wedding dresses are getting sleeker and more tailored to the bride's figure. On trend is less lace and more form-fitting sheath dresses. I've noticed that a lot of my brides are opting for a more simple "swept up" hairstyle paired with natural eye makeup (and sometimes a bold lip!) that compliment the style of their dress.

bridesmaid, updo, modern minimalist

As much as I love the uber textured, romantic loose updos, the simplistic minimal styles are very IN. Regardless of what's in season, I always tell my brides that the most important thing to consider when choosing an updo/makeup look is to "pick a style that makes you feel the most like yourself."

PRO TIP: When browsing Pinterest for inspiration photos, make sure to look for photos of models who have similar length, texture, color and hair density as your own.

This will make it easier for you to picture it on yourself and for your stylist to give you a more realistic result.

*Also note that most of the updos on Pinterest are done on models who have extensions (yes, even the short haired models often have extensions for fullness). If your natural hair and your dream wedding day hairstyle are pretty far off, consider talking to your stylist about putting some extensions in for your wedding day. There are lots of options out there for both temporary and more permanent ways to add fullness and length. I wore extensions for my bridal shower, bachelorette party, and my wedding day! (Proof below) ;)


Another big trend for 2019 is that wedding vendors are booking up faster than ever! From my own personal experience in my bridal business; in past years I had brides contacting me to book about 5-9 months in advance. Now most of my brides book their hair & makeup services 8-12 months in advance!

If you have specific vendors in mind, make sure to reach out to them as soon as you have the necessary information required to book them. Also consider your wedding date, certain dates are more popular than others. Here in Wisconsin, some super popular dates include: first & second weekend in June, any weekend in August, last weekend in September, and the second weekend in October.

Thanks for sticking around! As promised, I've included a brief timeline of some beauty tips to help you look your best on your big day!

1 month out:

-Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water everyday. This not only helps keep your hair, skin & nails looking their best but also is super beneficial for your energy levels and overall health!

-Don't change your skin care routine, try new products or any new facial services for risk of having an allergic reaction or breakout! Stick with what you know works for your skin until after the wedding.

Week of:

-Do an at-home or in-salon conditioning treatment. This helps to seal your ends down and make your hair look super healthy by adding moisture and shine!

-Drink water!

Day before:

-Wash your hair & give yourself a nice blowout. Don't over do it with product, second-day hair styles best on the wedding day.

-Drink water!

Morning of:

-Don't wash your hair and make sure it is completely dry from yesterday's wash so it's all ready for styling!


I hope you enjoyed these tips & trends! If you'd like to hear more about this year's bridal trends & tips, check out this video I made with PMI Expo & Event Production to help promote the Winter Edition of the 2019 Wedding Show!

Do you have any pro-tips of your own? Feel free to share them with me in the comments below- I love hearing from my readers!

Photo credit for photos 1 & 2: Ali Leigh Photo, photo 4: Rebecca Reale Photography

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