Help! It's humid! Hair & makeup hacks to combat humidity

Here in Wisconsin, summertime goes fast so we try our best to soak up the sun and be outside as much as possible during these fleeting summer months. The one downside to the summer heat is the dreaded humidity.

Humid weather is great if you're relaxing on the beach, floating on the lake or cooling off in the pool. But what about summer weddings and other events where your hair and makeup need to look perfect? What about farmers markets, family reunions, vacations, backyard barbecues, or even the everyday grind of the work week? We all know that humid weather causes makeup melt, frizz, shiny face, and for some, limp lifeless hair that won't hold a curl for anything. I want to show you 3 of my go-to products to help beat the heat and humidity which will help your hair and makeup look great all the live long day!

When it's a sorcher of a day and the dew point is at 3726218713%, you'll see me reaching for my can of Amika's The Shield. The Shield does exactly what its name suggests: it shields your hair with an anti-humidity barrier that protects it from heat damage and moisture in the air. It not only gives your hair 24 hour protection from humidity, but because it is heat activated, it also acts as a thermal protectant against the heat from the sun and your hot tools. I love The Shield because it helps to lock in your style regardless of whether your hair tends to fall flat in humidity, frizz out, or if you're like me and it does both.

Since it has been so hot and humid lately, I've been telling every client that sits in my chair that when its this humid expect to be sprayed down with The Shield. I like to spray it on dry hair after I've finished styling but it can be used on damp hair as well. On especially muggy days, I'll spray it in both when it's damp and after it's dry for extra protection.

This is hands down my favorite setting spray of all time. You may have heard me say in some of my Facebook live videos that with this stuff, I could run my face under a waterfall and my makeup wouldn't move. I dare you to try to prove me wrong! It is seriously amazing. In case you haven't yet jumped on the bandwagon, let me introduce you to my trusted pal, De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay.

This setting spray not only makes your makeup last all day without budging, but it helps to control oil and prevent the dreaded 'shiny face.' There's nothing I hate more than taking a photo only to see shine spots all over my cheeks, nose and forehead. Unfortunately when it is hot and humid, it's nearly impossible to avoid the unflattering shine... until now. It has quickly become my go-to makeup product in the summer when its crazy hot and sticky outside.

If you have dry skin or you like a little bit of a natural dewey glow but you don't want the makeup meltdown, I also love De-Slick's twin sister, All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay. I often use All Nighter to keep my makeup in place during the cooler months when I'm not as prone to shine and I use De-Slick in the summer when it's hot or I know I'm going to be sweating. I have worked long hot days in the salon where I am blowdrying behind the chair for hours and when I get home, my makeup looks the same as it did when I left for work that morning! Trust me when I say you need this in your life!

For the days I just can't fight the humidity and I'm ready to surrender to the overwhelming heat, I turn to Amika's Curl Corps to embrace my natural texture. Most people have some sort of natural wave, curl or other texture to their hair- that's part of the reason why you experience frizz. Curl Corps works to eliminate frizz while helping to define your natural waves.

I like to put it in towel dried hair by first squeezing a nickel-size amount into my palms and rubbing them together. Then I flip my head over and scrunch the ends of my hair, squeezing hard then letting go to gently let the hair fall. Once I have distributed the curl defining cream throughout my hair, I will either diffuse it with a blow dryer or just let it air dry.

This is one of my favorite curly hair products because it is not sticky or crunchy. I love that it smooths the cuticle of the hair by moisturizing my waves so they look soft, not stiff. This one is my go-to's on the days when I want to work with the humidity to embrace my natural texture instead of fight against it.

I hope you found these three recommendations helpful! I know that for me, they are game changers on especially hot sticky days! If you want to give either of the Amika products a try, send me an email and I can either reserve them in the salon for you to pick up or I can ship them right to you. If you're looking to find either of the Urban Decay makeup setting sprays, I have linked to them above.

Do you have any go-to products that save your life on humid days? Share them with me in the comments below!

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