What exactly is a Brazilian Blowout?

Have you heard the buzz about Brazilian Blowout Treatments and wondered what they are or what they do? Maybe you've heard me mention them before and wondered "Do I need that?" or "What will that do for my hair?" Well today I'm here to break it down and explain all that this amazing treatment has to offer!

Often times Brazilian Blowout Treatments get confused with chemical relaxers. First things first, let me clear this up: Brazilian Blowouts (or any other smoothing treatment) are NOT the same as a chemical relaxer or chemical straightening treatment. They are not the same process and do not use the same chemicals. To spare you the geeky scientific explanation, basically a chemical relaxer changes the chemical make up of the hair. It breaks down the disulfide bonds in the hair and rebuilds them making the hair straight. This can be extremely damaging as well as dangerous to the hair and scalp if done incorrectly. A Brazilian Blowout on the other hand, uses keratin (the protein that hair is primarily made up of) to smooth (key word) the hair and coat the cuticle. Think of it as a protective top coat for your hair.

While a Brazilian Blowout or any other smoothing treatment does not "straighten" the hair, it can relax the curl slightly. Its main purpose is to smooth the cuticle of the hair in order to control frizz.

Controlling the frizz can be life-changing for those who have thick, coarse, and/or curly hair. However, it's not only for the Rapunzels of the world who have a boat-load of long, thick hair. It's for anyone who struggles with taming their unruly tresses. I have many clients who have fine hair but still have tons of frizz, or who have an irregular wave pattern that never lays quite right, or even some clients who love their curl but no matter what they do can't ever seem to get it under control. Did you know that Justin Timberlake has been known to get Brazilian Blowout Treatments? Yup. It's true! How do you think he tames that curly hair he had in the 90s? (That's how I convinced my husband to try it and now he is hooked too.)

Let's get into the nitty gritty. Here are some of the key benefits of a Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing Treatment:

-Eliminates frizz and fights static

-Lessens sensitivity to moisture in the air and humidity

-Locks in color and protects against UV rays

-Provides incredible shine

-Shortens dry time

-Cuts styling time in half

-Improves overall health of the hair

The treatment lasts up to 12 weeks but also has a layering affect, meaning: the product builds upon itself. As each application is layered on top of previous applications, it reactivates the product that was left on the hair from the last treatment and gets stronger as each additional treatment is applied. I like to advise my clients that they will definitely see results from the first treatment but they will see even greater results from the second and third treatment. The best part is, there is no line of demarcation or line of new growth since the treatment will gradually fade from the hair. This makes Brazilian Blowouts non-committal. I have some clients who only do them during the summer months for control when it's especially humid. I also have other clients who do them year round to maintain the maximum effectiveness.

Brazilian Blowout Treatments are one of the few salon treatments that are low maintenance as far as after care goes. I like to send my clients home with the recommended shampoo and conditioner to help them get most out of their investment. I include the after care with the service to stress the importance of proper at-home care. This helps to take the guess work out of which products will extend the treatment and which will strip it from the hair. Other than avoiding sulfates and other clarifying products, you can style and go about your day as usual!

Another cool thing about Brazilian Blowouts is that there is no down time post-application where you're not allowed to live your life. Immediately following the treatment application, you can put it up in a ponytail, get a sweaty work out, bask in the sun, and even go for a swim!

The biggest thing my clients say that is the most life changing is the reduced styling time. It cuts their blow dry time in half because the water doesn't penetrate into all the layers of the cuticle. When the hair doesn't soak up as much water, it takes less time to dry. I even have some clients that don't have to flat iron their hair at all any more because it lays so smooth on its own after drying it. Their style also tends to last for days because the hair is no longer as sensitive to the moisture in the air.

I hope this helps to explain what this amazing treatment is and what it can do for your hair! If you're still curious, leave me a comment with your questions below... or, you can always book a complimentary consultation where you can visit me in the salon and we can chat further about what a BB Treatment can do for your hair!

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