4 MUSTS for bombshell blonde hair

It’s no secret that being blonde is high maintenance and slightly more expensive to achieve. Blonde hair is known to be extremely delicate and fragile and requires special attention which is why I want to share with you the top four things that I recommend to every one of my blonde or highlighted clients. I'll also share a few ways to keep your blonde hair healthy as well as a few simple habits to adopt so that you can get the most out of your blonde investment!

Highlighting, balayage or any other type of lightening service can compromise the hair's integrity leaving it feeling dry, brittle and damaged. Unfortunately there's just no way around it...or is there?

Let me introduce you to Olaplex. "Ola-what??" you ask? Olaplex is a two-step bond builder that helps to prevent the hair from being damaged as it is colored or lightened. The first step involves adding Olaplex No. 1 into the lightener (sometimes known as "bleach"). Next, Olaplex No. 2 is used at the shampoo bowl to treat the hair upon rinsing. It is not a conditioner but instead an innovative treatment. So basically for all of my nerdy friends out there it utilizes the latest and greatest science to rebuild the bonds within the hair that break as the hair is being lightened or colored. Olaplex heals the hair as it is being broken from the inside out, how cool is that?!

This treatment isn't just for blondes, although I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to go lighter. I mean what's the point of having lighter hair if its damaged, fuzzy, split or fried? Olaplex also helps to repair the damage caused by thermal styling. It can be added on to a color service, done as a stand-alone treatment, or even as a mini treatment. Since it is not a deep conditioner, there is no worry of "over-protenizing" (meaning over abundance of protein) the hair which can cause build-up and breakage as well.

There is also a third step to the Olaplex treatment that I recommend to my blonde clients to take home. It's called the No. 3 Hair Perfector. This little miracle bottle helps to protect the hair as well as maintain the strength and integrity between salon visits, which helps prevent the hair from becoming further damaged in the meantime.

The shampoo and conditioner system that you use plays a VITAL role in keeping your blonde locks looking healthy and beautiful. If you are blonde or have had blonde hair in the past, you may have heard of purple shampoo. It might come as a shock to use purple colored shampoo on light colored hair but it is necessary for preventing brassiness in order to keep your blonde hair bright!

Let's go back to kindergarten and talk about the color wheel. When you look at a color wheel, purple is directly across the color wheel from yellow, making them opposite colors. When you mix purple and yellow paint together what color do you get? Brown. When you color with a yellow marker on top of a purple marker what color do you get? Brown. The same theory applies to color in the hair. When there is yellow or "brassiness" showing up in blonde hair, we can neutralize that tone with a toner or a purple shampoo.

Don't worry, using purple shampoo on top of yellow blonde hair is not going to turn your hair brown. However, it will diminish the appearance of the yellow color, leaving the hair with a neutral tone, cool tone or icy blonde tone with little to no warmth. But what if you prefer a warm or golden blonde? I still recommend using a purple shampoo because it keeps the blonde bright and fights brassy build-up from lingering on the hair. There are many factors that can cause the hair to turn brassy like hard water, mineral build-up, sun exposure, product build-up, non-professional hair care products, etc. A purple shampoo not only banishes brassiness by depositing purple pigments into the hair but it also gently clarifies the hair to remove any build-up or unwanted deposits living on the hair shaft.

Buyer beware! Not all purple shampoos are created equal. Since purple shampoos tend to be clarifying, they can also be a little drying- some more than others so you'll want to rotate it with your regular sulfate-free shampoo in your haircare routine. Same goes for pigmentation, some purple shampoos are more pigmented than others meaning you don't need to use as much or as often to tone your hair between salon visits. This is why I recommend using a purple conditioner as well. The two work as a system to fight both dryness and brassiness leaving the hair looking and feeling great. I have tried many purple shampoo and conditioner systems and the one that I personally use and recommend to my clients is The Perfect Blonde collection by Pravana. It became my favorite system because it by far out-performs the rest and it smells ahhhh-mazing! You can find the entire Perfect Blonde collection here.

My last two "must have" items for caring for blonde hair go hand-in-hand and are very simple to incorporate into your routine. I recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase to my blonde clients because the silk fabric is gentle on the hair and helps to avoid snagging, pulling, stretching and breakage. Traditional pillowcases can rough up the hair while you sleep and can even damage fragile tresses. Silk pillowcases are wonderful for your skin too as they prevent wrinkles! This is the one I have and it comes in a variety of colors...

I also highly recommend getting a Wet Brush if you don't already have one. When our hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state so we can't just use any old brush while it's wet. The Wet Brush, as its name suggests, was designed to safely and gently detangle the hair while it is in such a vulnerable state. This is especially important for lightened hair since it's already more prone to breakage. They even come in super cute colors and designs to suit your personal style! This is one of my favorites because it has a bohemian vibe...

I hope you enjoy these "must haves" as much as my clients and I do! They have made all the difference in the condition of my hair, especially since I'm a little bit chemically addicted (if you know what I mean). I always prescribe this list to anyone who is looking to go lighter in order to protect their investment and promote the wellness of their hair. If you have any questions or if you'd like to learn more about any of the tips/products I suggested, please feel free to leave me a comment below! Happy highlighting!

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