3 beauty hacks for your hair, makeup and skincare routine

Who doesn't love a good life hack?! Whether it is a fun new beauty tool, something from around the house to repurpose, or even a new makeup technique that makes life a little bit easier, I love trying new things and finding different ways to switch up my routine. If you're like me and are always trying to find multiple uses for something, or you have to get your hands on the latest and greatest beauty product, then read on and I'll show you three of my favorite beauty hacks!

Beauty Hack #1

Beach waves without a curling iron or flat iron? Let me introduce you to one of my favorite thermal irons in my toolbox: The Waving Iron (also known as a Deep Waver or Triple Barrel).

This iron effortlessly creates the perfect beach waves without all of the thought and technique required of curling iron waves or flat iron waves. The result is so beachy and natural looking that whenever I use my deep waver on my hair, people ask me if its my natural curl. Score!

This inexpensive tool is also quick and easy to use which makes it even better to have in your arsenal! It is a fantastic way to change up your routine and it gives you a style that will last for DAYS without much (if any) touch-up required.

There are a few different types of waving irons, some have 3 barrels that sandwich the hair but I prefer the plated style because of how loose and effortless it makes the waves look. This one's my favorite:

I'll be going live on Facebook this month with a full tutorial to show you how I style my hair with a waving iron. Be sure to 'Like' my page and then click the "Following" drop down to turn on notifications so you know when I go live!

Beauty Hack #2

With the latest health and fitness craze, chances are you have at least one of these two health food items in your kitchen just waiting to work their magic on your skin: Grapeseed Oil & Coconut Oil.

Real talk: I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. Since finding these two natural remedies, I have seen such a difference in my complexion!

I have combination skin so unfortunately I struggle with both oily and dry patches on my face, but applying grapeseed oil as a nighttime moisturizer has been like an overnight miracle for me! Now I wake up to clearer, brighter, and softer skin everyday! Even any swelling, redness or acne that may have been troublesome the night before, is reduced if not diminished by morning. When applied to a clean and freshly washed face before bed, your skin absorbs the oil and transforms your skin into a soft, smooth, and supple complexion by sunrise.

Grapeseed oil can also be used as a body oil for an extra dose of moisture that can be applied anywhere. However, if you are using it on your face as a moisturizer, I recommend only using it at night since it needs time to absorb and is a little heavier/greasier than a daytime moisturizer. This is the one I use:

Coconut oil has many uses as I'm sure you know but one of my favorite uses for this multi-purpose superfood is as a makeup remover. It easily wipes away any stubborn mascara, heavy foundation, as well as waterproof makeup.

To remove makeup: wet face with warm water, apply coconut oil, gently scrub using your "facial fingers" (middle & ring finger), then wipe off the oil and makeup with a damp washcloth.

Another tip: make sure that the coconut oil is organic, virgin, and unrefined - this type of coconut oil is the most natural and retains all of its nutrients so that your skin can reap the benefits of this wonder oil... like this one:

A word of caution: grapeseed and coconut oil are not interchangeable, meaning I would not recommend using grapeseed oil as a makeup remover nor coconut oil as a moisturizer. Grapeseed oil has a different consistency so it does not adhere well to makeup for effective removal. Coconut oil is much too heavy to be used as a moisturizer and does not absorb into the skin as easily. I also do not suggest using either of these oils in your hair since they are very emollient which makes them very heavy, greasy, and very difficult to remove from the surface of the hair.

Beauty Hack #3

As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of strip lashes (or falsies). I have noticed at times that I experience a reaction to mascara, so I like to wear strip lashes to still be able to have the eyelashes of my dreams. Full, thick lashes can complete a makeup look whether they are your own or falsies.

Once you get used to applying them it becomes just as quick if not easier to apply them, as opposed to throwing on a few coats of mascara. It's all about finding the right style for you and the right technique to apply them. I did a live video tutorial on Facebook in December showing how I apply them (you can watch the replay here). I buy mine in bulk and can wear a pair typically up to 4-5 days. Here are two of my personal favorite styles that I wear most frequently:

I will be doing a bonus live video this month where I test out magnetic lashes for the first time- if you haven't seen these kind of false lashes yet be sure to keep an eye out for the Facebook live video as it may be quite an interesting one!

What are some of your favorite beauty hacks? Do any of these three look like something you'd try? I'd love to know! Comment below and let me know how these work for you! Happy beauty hacking!

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